What is a Jäynä?

With these instructions you’ll get a flying start in attending the Jäynä competition! Still, you should just in case check the official rules of Jäynäkisa before performing your Jäynä.

Jäynä = A harmless but clever student prank

Brainstorm a few ideas

“Think further” – The Jäynä is at it’s best when it’s well prepared. You’ll need a solid but flying idea, a strong belief in what you’re doing, and a well prepared plan on how you’re gonna do it.

Tell us about your Jäynä!

Use the form “Ilmoita jäynä!”  Do not start doing the jäynä before you get a confirmation from the headmaster of the competition (ylituomari). In the fuksi league, each team can patent two ideas. In fuksi league there’s a certain time to patent and to implement the jäynä: You will hear all about it in the Jäynäinfo or from your fuksi captain.

The meaning of patenting the jäynäs is to make sure others don’t use the same Jäynä-idea and at the same time to avoid any major possibilities to fail the reputation of the teekkaris. After all, the idea is to spread some positive thinking, make other people smile and maybe to be a bit more clever than the rest!


You would like to e.g. use a mall’s lobby to do your Jäynä? Ask them first. That way you will assure you can act without being disturbed by the guards. Also, it’s “The Polite Teekkari”-way of doing things and also appreciated by the judges.


When you’re doing your Jäynä and thinking how to best tell others the marvellous idea and gorgeous implementation that you were able to produce, think mostly about clarity and diversity. The judges will make their decision based on the documentation so make it count! From the year 2018 on, the documentation must be returned in a digital form.

Return the documentation

In the Public contest, you return your documentation to the Student Union office – Helky’s desk in the Main building. In the fuksi league you return your Jäynä at JäynäBox at given time.

Have fun jäynäing!

In case you have questions to ask, you can always contact the headmaster of the competition: ylituomari@jäynäkisa.fi

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